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2012 NFL Trade Rumors: Peyton Manning On Washington's Radar

Super Bowl? What Super Bowl? With the big game in Indianapolis this year, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning has picked up as much, if not more, media play than Tom Brady and Eli Manning, the two quarterbacks actually vying for the title this weekend. A report today says that the Washington Redskins and Manning have a mutual interest.

Mutual interest rumors this time of year are always a little dubious. Washington, according to Adam Schefter, would likely be a suitor for Manning, thinking he's the quickest path for getting that franchise and head coach Mike Shanahan back to respectability.

Of course, Washington won't be the only team competing for his services. Miami could consider him. Arizona and Seattle are also interested in bringing him over to the NFC West.

And what does this have to do with the St. Louis Rams? Well, movement in the quarterback market could impact their ability to trade down from the second spot, where a team would draft Robert Griffin III.

Washington might be less inclined to swap picks if they sign Manning. Miami is expected to pursue Matt Flynn of the Packers. That leaves Cleveland, Arizona and Seattle as the most quarterback needy teams. NFC West teams will be less likely to trade up with their division rivals. If Cleveland has no interest in trading up, Washington gets Manning and Miami gets Flynn, the Rams may be S.O.L. looking for a trade partner. Seattle or Arizona could then make a deal with Minnesota or Cleveland for RG3.