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Super Bowl 2012: Steven Jackson Hearts Sloan

St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson was in Indianapolis last night for the NFL awards show, where the league took a page out of the Oscar playbook and put on a black tie affair to pass out hardware. SJ39 was on hand, where Joel Thorman, SB Nation's NFL editor, caught up with the man, myth, legend.

But they were interrupted by C-list Hollywood.

I was talking to the Steven Jackson in the picture above and as he was about to give me his Super Bowl pick, he paused, got quiet and started peeking over my shoulder at someone.

"Everything OK?" I asked.

"Sorry, man," Jackson responded. "That's my Hollywood crush. Sloan from Entourage just walked by!"

Head over to the story for photos.

More surprising than any of the other pics, the visage of Aaron Rodgers talking to Alec Baldwin.

So, it's pretty much all Super Bowl all day today. Complete coverage here.