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The St. Louis Rams - THE "LIST"

So a certain person, who will not be named, dropped by to say hi today. The unnamed person, filled with Rams history and lore, imparted on me a LIST. A list that in times past has caused social upheaval, riots, cats and mice to become friends, Sarah Palin making out with Joe Biden... We're talking anarchy!

I've always found his lists as interesting as they are brutal. What I have found interesting is that many of his choices wound up being rather prescient. Have a look after the break, and I bet you figure out the name of the list's author...

I'm sure relieved that the 2011 Ram season is behind us. I'm sooo glad BD/Spags is defunct. And I think we did ok snaring Fisher as HC. A lot of deadbeat players will still have to be cut, but Fish and the new coaching crew may be able to salvage and develop a few of the younger under-achievers. And, I hope they can find a way to keep Lloyd.

As far as the draft goes, I'm in a quandry. We badly need a good LT, but after the terrific failures with Barron and Smith I'm wary of picking Kalil. And after Avery, I'm wondering if Blackmon is big enough. Maybe we can work out a trade to get more early picks that can be spent on quality O-linemen, DT's and OLB's. We also need to be grooming SJax' replacement. Anyway, for the 1st time in several years I'm expecting the Rams to have a decent draft.

I hear V Jackson is back on the radar as a potential WR. How many times have we heard that one before? Now he's 29. If we keep stringing this one along he'll be ready for retirement when we finally procure him. The Rams need to get younger instead of older.

Somebody needs to do a **** or Cut list on TST this year and include: King, both Gibsons, both Jasons, Bell, Robbins, Poppinga, Norwood, Butler, drugee Pettis and the chronically or permanently injured DX, Clayton, Hoom, Fletcher, and Bartell. I like Bartell, but I can't find ANY data on a player ever returning to the NFL at 100% after suffering a broken neck. Therefore, his huge salary is prohibitive.

That's about it. Hope things are going well. I'm already looking forward to April and beyond.

My complete **** List would also include; Bajema (bad, bad...), Feeley (who needs him with Clemens around), Josh Brown (his big leg is dead, but huge salary still intact), Sims and Darrell Scott (never-weres that've been on the payroll too long). I'm also a little leary of Craig Dahl and Kehl too. I gave some of the newer, less well known guys (Gordy, Chamberlain, Clemens) for example) a pass because they may benefit greatly from improved coaching. We'll see.

I'm a bit concerned about James Hall too. He played decent in 2011, but he could finally age out this year just like Fred Robbins did this year. Quinn should be ready to go fulltime this fall anyway.

You are absolutely right about the CB position. Right now we're relying on TWO badly injured players returning to form and that the injured and unproven Jerome Murphy can actually play ball.

It's good to know that I'm still thought of around TST occasionally.



Now... Who could the author be? If you have a list of your own, let's see it the thread