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NFL To LA Would Require Two Expansion Teams, Says Goodell

Finally, a bit of good news for St. Louis Rams fans, emphasis on the St. Louis part. NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell told Bob Costas that opening up shop in Los Angeles would require the league to add two more teams, bumping the total number of teams up to 34. You can see video of Goodell's interview at PFT.

Goodell told Costas that the NFL does not really want to move any of its teams. That doesn't mean they won't allow a team like the Rams or the Vikings to use vacant stadium projects in LA as leverage points, but uprooting a team is bad PR for an entity that goes to great lengths to project its brand.

Why two teams? Because adding just one would make for scheduling problems by pushing the league to 33 teams.

LA has two potential stadium projects, Farmers Field located downtown and a project led by Ed Roski in the City of Industry, about 20 minutes from downtown LA. Facilities aside, two teams in the LA market, the second largest media market in the country, is viable, especially given the league's popularity.

Altruistic statements about uprooting teams aside, expanding the league also means more money, lots more money, and the NFL has an owner-friendly new labor deal that frees up the league to start looking for more revenue streams.

As for Rams owner Stan Kroenke's bid for the Dodgers, the NFL would first have to put a team in LA for the cross ownership rules to be a problem for him. When that happens, he would have options. One thing to remember here is that he could transfer ownership of the team while holding onto the a Dodgers sports network worth billions because of the team's broadcasting rights. There isn't as straight of a line between the Dodgers and the Rams to LA as some have imagined.

Goodell's interview after the jump.

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