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The St. Louis Rams Madden 2013 Representatives

Just like last year, the marketing geniuses behind one of the most popular sport games in the world is doing another tournament. This year, they decided to double the fun by giving all 32 teams two players to vote for.

The St. Louis Rams Madden 2013 Reps are............. Chris Long and Brandon Lloyd. Yup you read that right. I personally have no problems with these two selections. I'm happy that Chris Long is getting recognition, but If Lloyd leaves the Rams and he wins, that would be another loss for Ram fans.

You can vote for our two reps March 7th, it looks like you will have to vote on ESPN Sportsnation facebook

If you want to look at the other play reps chosen so far here you go. The most interesting player reps to me came out of Oakland. The Raiders didn't have a skill player listed, instead they had their punter and kicker both selected. Honestly, I'm leaning towards voting for the punter, and seeing if the company will improve special teams.