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NFL Trade Rumors: Browns Have Limited Interest In Matt Flynn, Per Report

The St. Louis Rams' second pick in the NFL draft is one valuable piece of real estate, definitely "first-tier." Trading that pick looks like a foregone conclusion. Potential suitors will have to weigh the cost of trading up to have Robert Griffin III versus their options in free agency. The Cleveland Browns, according to the Columbus Dispatch, are not expected to make a serious offer for Matt Flynn, the second place trophy in free agency behind Peyton Manning.

That should be welcome news for the Rams.

In the days since RG3's breakout performance at the Combine, there has been an all out media assault to drum up interest in the second pick. Obvious teams have been mentioned as interested parties, including Cleveland and the Washington Redskins.

Washington was said to be considering a package containing two first-round picks, one this year and one in 2013.

Miami is expected to be a contender for Flynn. Their eighth overall pick in the draft lacks the same appeal for the Rams as the fourth or sixth picks.

Cleveland would appear to be the favorites if they are willing to part with their two first-round picks and match the bevvy of later picks Washington would give in a deal. Of course, there could be some value in having another first-round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

According to the report, Flynn is likely to cost too much for the Browns' liking. Griffin, with his seemingly limitless ceiling, would come much cheaper thanks to the new rookie salary schedule.

The fate of Flynn and Manning will have a direct impact on the market for the Rams' second pick. Cranking up the hype in the days before the league year begins on March 13 is a smart move, and could force desperate teams to make a deal with St. Louis just as the whistle blows to open the league year.