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2012 NFL Draft: Trade Rumor Roundup

Things related to trading the number 2 overall pick are getting, how do you say, a little crazy. Seal, go! Go, Seal! What? I have to link to it for Seal to get his Crazy on? Sorry, I have standards. And one of those standards is never linking to Seal unless Heidi Klum is involved. And even then, there's a likely chance that it ain't happening.

Back to un-Seal things. Robert Griffin III. The number two overall pick. Mystery teams. Let's check the view from the other side.

(Teams are listed with their draft pick order from the first three rounds)

Cleveland Browns - #4 (1), #22 (1), #37 (#5, 2), #68 (#4, 3)

Cleveland still leads the way thanks to their two first rounders in this year's draft. Here's how to write a lede, BTW:

The Browns are one of three teams with a top-10 draft pick that have had "very preliminary talks" with the Rams about trading up for the No. 2 pick to draft Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin...

Yes, it was reported by Jim Thomas first in the P-D, but expect Cleveland media to begin picking up on this with more momentum.

Washington Redskins - #6 (1), #39 (#7, 2), #70 (#6, 3)

Not to be outdone, the Washington Post's Mike Jones (MIKE JONES! MIKE JONES!) reported that the Skins are starting their negotiations with this year's first rounder, next year's first rounder, and some icing on the cake. Meanwhile, NFL Network's Charlie Casserly joined the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan suggesting (in entirely hypothetical terms) that given Cleveland's pair of first round picks, it might require Washington to put a third top round pick into their package. That sounds weird. I'm not re-typing it.

And in case you're wondering if the fan base isn't interested, Hogs Haven is now putting together an historical account of RGIII and where he fits into their system. Buyers.

Miami Dolphins - #8 (1), #42 (#10, 2), #73 (#9, 3)

Again, consider the fans' perspective. This from a front-page author at The Phinsider, the SBN community for the Dolphins:

If the price is similar to the 2004 deal between the Giants and Chargers, I would be on the phone right now with the Rams. If the price is closer to the rumor of the Redskins, I would be much more hesitant to pull the trigger. Would I trade the top 3 picks in 2012 and a first round in 2013? Maybe. I wouldn't say no immediately, but I would be trying to get something else in return from the Rams, in the form of draft picks or a player.

Well, hey, we have the former #2 overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. Interested? Hello? Hellooooooooooooooooo? (Seriously though, click that link and look at that picture of Jason Smith. Holy ham hocks.)

Mystery Team - #Everything (#Over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Your mystery team suggestion of the evening from a site I've never heard of before (unless I have and I forgot), the National Football Authority had this to say:

Now this may shock you, but the Mark Sanchez-led New York Jets also spoke with the Rams about the No. 2 overall pick, but as of now, they weren't able to devise a package large enough.

Brian Schottenheimer, you are doing your job, good sir.