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2012 NFL Draft: Redskins Ready To Offer Three Picks And More For Robert Griffin III?

Gotta do something to save a sagging reputation, why not make a bid trade?
Gotta do something to save a sagging reputation, why not make a bid trade?

It took approximately 4.38 seconds for the rumor mill to get a renewed sense of vigor on Sunday morning. Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III commanded the spotlight all week in Indianapolis, and his jaw-dropping 40 time only added fuel to the fire. Howard Eskin of 94 WIP Sports Radio and NBC 10 in Philly is reporting that the Washington Redskins are willing to offer the St. Louis Rams a very substantial package of draft picks in exchange for the Rams' second pick in the draft and the chance to draft Griffin.

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Just what kind of offer are we talking about here? A big one, the kind that changes the fortunes of a franchise over night, or at least over the course of three days in April.

Eskin cites sources inside the Redskins organization who say they are prepared to offer their top three picks in the 2012 NFL Draft as well as at least one more in 2013 in exchange for the second pick.

Washington has picks in the first (6th), second (#39) and third (#70). Given the hype around Griffin, asking for a first-round pick in 2013 would not be out of line.

The second- and third-round picks could be very lucrative for the Rams. The Rams have the first pick of the second round, and this trade would give them two picks in the first six. That could be packaged for a trade up into the bottom of the first round or used as they are to find some talented players who slip out of the first 32.

Options. However you want to look at it, this many picks would give the Rams options to move around the draft board, something Fisher and Snead both discussed in the Combine media sessions.

If Washington is willing to offer that, what about the other suitors? Cleveland has the most attractive potential trade package with two first-round picks. Those would also allow the Rams to move around the board, if they so desired.

The bidding for Griffin is only going to get more intense. His pro day is March 21.