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2012 NFL Combine: Day 4 Offensive Linemen Wrap-Up

Even now, Jeff Fisher looks cranky in every still photo.
Even now, Jeff Fisher looks cranky in every still photo.

For offensive linemen and tight ends, the 2012 NFL Combine is now over. With their combine performances in the can, let's look at who had a good week and who will need a solid pro day showing to help their stock.

Offensive Tackles

Matt Kalil, USC - Kalil likely cemented his suggested status by many (myself included) as the top OT in this year's draft. He clocked in faster than 5 seconds in the 40 with a 10-yard split faster than any OT from last year's class (VIDEO with some tape study from NFL Network's Mike Mayock) and the top 3-cone time among tackles.

Riley Reiff, Iowa - Looked solid in the drills, with quick footwork and agility to boot. Barring anything between now and the draft, he's likely a mid-first selection.

Mike Adams, Ohio St. - Adams, along with Wisconsin C Peter Konz, put up the most surprisingly disappointing bench press numbers of the day. With just 19 reps, Adams resuscitated questions about his tenacity on tape. That the bench press is no representation of OT skill is irrelevant. The question is how much stock do you put in an OT who, despite being 5" taller and 124 pounds heavier, put up two less reps than Cal WR Marvin Jones.

Jeff Allen, Illinois - No, this isn't just fodder for Brick Top. Allen is now on the path to be a legitimate mid-round sleeper. Allen posted strong numbers across the board, and looked crisp in drills. He's not as quick as his peers on tape, so he's a bit system-limited.

Zebrie Sanders, Florida St. - I thought the Zebra had a solid day. His 40-time was poor, but for an OT I don't put much stock there. Arm length? Feet? General athleticism? Keep this guy in mind.

Interior Linemen

Peter Konz (C), Wisconsin - As mentioned before, Konz put up a shockingly disappointing bench press number. But if you've watched him on tape, it's not a game time liability. And while his arms didn't measure incredibly well, that number doesn't hurt as much at center.

David Decastro (G), Stanford - Put concisely, DD killed it today. It's hard to not believe he's a first round lock.

Ben Jones (C), Georgia - Ben Jones doesn't look like a football player. He looks like an overweight teen who struggles to wash himself. But today, as on tape, he looks NFL quality. And he gets my Slow Lineman Who Looked Like Their 40-Yard Might Kill Them Award.

Adam Gettis (G), Iowa - Wow. For someone who needed a good day, he sure gave the audience one. And while I can't push him into day 2 territory, his performance was an eye-opener.

David Molk (C), Michigan - A top-heavy center, Molk showed his weight room chops blasting away the competition with 41 reps in the bench press, 7 more than second-best Decastro.

Kelechi Osemele (G), Iowa St. - While Osemele measured wonderfully, he looked incredibly reactive in drill work. Now as a guard prospect, that's not a huge disadvantage. But it suggests his pass protection won't be top caliber in year one anytime soon.

So what prospects caught your eye today? Any combine news catch you off guard? Holler.