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2012 NFL Draft: TST Community Round, Pick 13

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The Seahawks, led by Ramfan from Seattle, picked Quinton Coples two days ago. That sucks (as a Rams fan). Today, Ramswo85 picks:


Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame

Pick Grade:


"The Bears need a play-making well rounded WR to go along with the speedsters they have already in Devin Hester and Johnny Knox. I believe Floyd has the potential to be that perfect fit for this offense, and a nice new weapon for Jay Cutler."

Analysis after the jump.

On one hand, Floyd is a great prospect (just look at dbcouver's big board). On the other hand, he has some character issues. He certainly doesn't meet the 70 pillars that former coach Steve Spagnuolo put up. But can the Bears handle that? Floyd has a lot of money riding on this next month. Can he put it together and make it in the bigs?

All that aside, he's put up 37 touchdowns in four years. 3686 yards in four years off of 271 receptions. Those aren't numbers you laugh at. He's been incredibly productive, and that is just what Chicago needs right now. They aren't getting any younger, so they need to score as many points as possible. Floyd can do that, as long as he isn't drunk.

If you missed any of the picks, check out the full schedule. Until tomorrow!