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Matt Kalil Impressive at Combine

Fat man running.  You're welcome.
Fat man running. You're welcome.

Matt Kalil was considered by most to be the top offensive tackle coming into the draft. Today at the combine, he fully cemented his status as such.

He has the prototypical measurements for a NFL LT. He measured in at 6' 6 1/2", 306 lbs (heavier than his college weight), and his arms are 34 1/2". These are great numbers, but what may be even better for Kalil is he has the frame to put on more weight without jeopardizing his athleticism.

Kalil showed that he has good strength. He benched 225 lbs. 30 times. For comparison other top tackle prospects, Riley Reiff put up 24 and Mike Adams only put up 17. Only a dozen linemen put up 30 reps today.

What really has set Kalil apart is his showing of this great athleticism. He ran a sub 5 second forty, which isn't that important for an offensive linemen, but his ten yard split was phenomenal. He ran the first 10 yards in 1.7 seconds, which is amazing for a man who 306 lbs. This is an important measurement for linemen, as it shows their acceleration and ability to get to the second level.

Furthermore, his three cone drill time stands out. He had the second fastest time for linemen, behind David Decasto by 0.03 seconds, with a time of 7.33 seconds. The next closest time behind those two was 0.1 seconds slower.

Kalil is undoubtedly the top LT available in the draft and he will be of interest to the Rams, but a trade down with the Browns or Redskins is more likely than taking Kalil at 2. Trading down will give the Rams more draft picks and allow them to still get a great player in the top ten like David Decastro, Justin Blackmon or Morris Claiborne.