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2012 NFL Draft: TST Community Mock Recap, Picks 1-12

This has been a crazy mock draft. We started out fairly even keel, with QB's Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III being taken back to back. got a little weird. Hit the jump to take a look at the first twelve picks we've had so far. If you haven't been following the TST Community Mock Draft so far, then you are really missing out. (Hint, to check out each individual post, click on the picture of the team logo. Cool shit, right?)

Team Pick Recap
Ind_medium_medium Andrew Luck No surprises here! mgaines4 went with conventional wisdom and selected quite possibly the best quarterback prospect since...Peyton Manning. Hard to complain with this pick.
Was_medium Robert Griffin III The Redskins needed to make this pick. They HAD to. How can anyone look at a team and not laugh if they are heading into the season with Rex Grossman as the man in charge of the offense? This was a great trade and great pick by our own Brick Top.
Den_medium Justin Blackmon Speaking of trades, here is the first CRAZY one. Leave it to Douglas M to shake things up. With John Elway telling the press Tebow will run a conventional offense, it's probably a good thing they went for someone like Justin Blackmon. But by trading away seemingly every pick in the next two it worth it?
Cle_medium Matt Kalil I'm torn on this pick by ocruz1. On one hand, Kalil is a great LT prospect. On the other, so is Joe Thomas. The Browns already have a great LT. So why pick Kalil? They certainly are stockpiling talent, but a player like Morris Claiborne would do wonders to lock down the other corner spot and create a duo of young corners.
Pit_medium Trent Richardson More CRAZY TRADES! Rcoon1307 bucked the "Steeler" way in favor of jumping up, way up, to select Trent Richardson. I'm not sure if Haley can call a smash-mouth game, but the Steelers sure have one hell of an offense.
Stl_medium Morris Clairborne I don't think this is the pick the Rams should have made, but Charlie Pankey made a smart choice by picking one of the best players available. I can't fault him for that, but I'm not sold on Jason 'Barron' Smith on the line.
Jac_medium David DeCastro warriorsrise picked possibly one of the best players in the draft. Guard isn't exactly a showboat position, but when they compare you to Steve Hutchinson, how can you really complain? He's a great guard and it's a great pick. Gabbert could do much worse.
Car_medium Michael Brockers Please Panthers, solidify your defense. That's exactly what jshapgee is trying to do with this pick. If you can put a good defense with Cam Newton, they could go places. The Falcons were unimpressive and the Saints, well, we beat them (HAH!)
Mia_medium Riley Reiff Will not be defeated picked Riley Reiff, someone I'd like to the see the Rams grab if they trade down. Talk about an impressive pair of tackles. Jake Long and Riley Reiff? Even if Long leaves after his contract is up...Yes please!
Buf_medium Courtney Upshaw A little surprising, given the fact that Quinton Coples was still on board. But the Bills were a few players away from not choking the season away. Could Courtney Upshaw help change that? iplaythedrums certainly thinks so.
Kan_medium Ryan Tannehill Even more surprising is this pick. Waggs07 threw a huge curveball by picking Ryan Tannehill. The jury is still out on him, but he certainly will provide a fire for Matt Cassel.
Sea_medium Quinton Coples Possibly the best pick in the draft besides the two QB's taken at one and two. And it's Seattle. Thanks Ramfan from Seattle....thanks a lot.