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Jeff Fisher On Sam Bradford, Brandon Lloyd and Albert Haynesworth

Jeff Fisher just wrapped up his press conference at the 2012 Scouting Combine. In his brief time at the podium, the St. Louis Rams' new head coach covered the topics and players that have been on everyone's mind since the Rams hired Fisher back in January.

A quick look at some of the highlights from Fisher's Friday press conference after the jump.

On Sam Bradford

Fisher matter of factly ruled out the possibility of trading Sam Bradford. Duh. Fisher and his coaching staff have been pretty clear on what they think of Bradford's potential, and Fisher himself said the quarterbacks' presence was a deciding factor in taking the job in St. Louis.

Fisher also said that he was not worried about Bradford playing for his third offensive coordinator in three years. I know plenty of fans are concerned about that. I am much less concerned about it.

On Brandon Lloyd

Fisher said that the Rams are interested in re-signing free agent wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. The team is not inclined to use the franchise tag; although, Rams COO Kevin Demoff did not rule out that option specifically when asked by TST earlier this week. Demoff also told us that the Rams expect to talk to Lloyd's agent in Indianapolis this week.

On Albert Haynesworth, Randy Moss

Fisher acknowledged that the Rams have discussed both of those players. Terry McCormick of the National Football Post said that Fisher sounded "more lukewarm" on the possibility of Moss. Excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth.

On trading the second pick

As you would have expected, Fisher noted that the Rams have "options" with their second pick, options that they plan to explore. Curiously, he also noted that dealing away the pick does not have to wait until draft day.

Fisher also cited the possibility of trading back up in the draft if the team moves down. In short, Fisher left the door wide open for anything and everything as far as draft trades go.