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Turf Show Radio - Sunday, 5pm ET


Just hours after the last offensive prospects finish their drills at the NFL Combine this Sunday, Van and I will jump on the mic for a new episode of Turf Show Radio at 5pm ET.

And while we'll have our standard talking points (draft talk, free agency, something random for the last 5 minutes), TSR is always better when TSTers call in.

So hit us up at (724) 444-7444, enter the show ID and pound symbol (97249#), and then enter your TalkShoe ID (if you don't have one, enter 1# to call in as a guest). And if you haven't been in a TSR chat room yet, you're missing out.

Of course, you can always get at us on Twitter; Van runs the site account (@TurfShowTimes) and you can guess mine (@3k_).

So hit us up with your questions. The podcast is in the process of being verified by iTunes; it should be ready by this weekend just in time for TSR.

(NOTE: Smiff620's FanPost explains how to get on the show and in the chat room. If you're confused about the format or new to the show, this should be required reading. Thanks, Smiff)