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2012 NFL Draft: TST Community Round 1, Pick 12

The Chiefs, led by waggs07, pulled a fast one and selected Ryan Tannehill out of Texas A&M yesterday. Will the Seahawks' (led by Ramfan from Seattle) pick be as shocking? I don't think so:


Quinton Coples, DE, UNC

Pick Grade:


"This appears to be a dream scenario for the Hawks, having a stud DE from North Carolina fall into their laps much like the Rams had last year with Robert Quinn. The 6-foot-5, 281 pound Coples has the look and feel of a quarterback's worst nightmare, and Pete Carroll is already salivating at the chance to unleash him upon wary NFC West QB's like a pack of wild dogs. The Hawks were actually contemplating reaching for a QB named Tannehill, but the Chiefs made my life easier. Other than QB, a pass rushing DE was the Hawks biggest need, and they were able to address that here."

Analysis after the jump.

I know the Seahawks aren't the most popular team here (obviously), but this is a awesome pick. Coples is the top rated defensive end on dbcouver's big board. He's quick and athletic and given the well documented problems that some NFC West teams are having with their offensive lines, it's seems like it is a knowledgeable pick.

The Seahawks were tied 19th in the league for sacks, with a third of their 33 total coming from Chris Clemons. Adding someone on the other side should help tremendously to their already rising defense. They could go with offense here, but I don't think anyone on that side has the value that Coples does at this point.

If you missed any of the picks, check out the full schedule. Until tomorrow!