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Random Ramsdom 2/22: Questions, Questions Galore!


Hey everybody! Recently I know we haven't had as much news up on the site lately, it happens every year at this time. The time between the Super Bowl and the Combine is the worst dead period for NFL news and it always will be. We'll still get some good stuff out in the meantime but bear with us. As the combine approaches, the news will be flowing out. On to the links.

NFC West Offseason Questions

Mike Sando took a look at questions for each NFC West team heading into the offseason. He asks how the Rams can improve themselves in free agency this season. It will be tough for the team Sando said.

This is a tough one. Very few of the Rams' own free agents qualify as players the team must re-sign.

Receiver Brandon Lloyd is arguably the only clear starting-caliber player on the list. He is 30 years old and, by all accounts, hoping to catch on with Josh McDaniels in New England.

Combine Questions

Yahoo Sports had a nice piece about some major questions going into the combine. A couple that are of major interest to Rams fans are "Should Matt Kalil be the top tackle?" and "How fast is Justin Blackmon?" For me, the 40 time of Blackmon isn't that important, but they had this to say...

It has been widely accepted that the Oklahoma State receiver will be a top five pick. But he's not a burner. If Blackmon runs a 4.6 40, it's unlikely a team will be able to justify using a top five pick on him. There are a few other receivers who may be speed deficient who need to run well as well. Among them are Notre Dame's Michael Floyd, Wisconsin's Nick Toon, South Carolina's Ashlon Jeffery and Rutgers' Mohamed Sanu.

In case you didn't hear yet...

The Rams and the CVC have agree to have the Rams play in London next season. The real key is that they ONLY agreed to next season, not to the games in 2013 and 2014 that the Rams are wanting to play.

Tale of the Tape: Alshon Jeffery

For those of you still on the Jeffery bandwagon, Mocking the Draft took a look at his tape against Nebraska. Jeffery was matched up against a good corner in that game, Alfonzo Dennard. They had this to say about that game...

Jeffery caught four passes for 148 yards and a touchdown before being ejected in the third quarter for fighting with Dennard. It was very much a tale of two games for Jeffery. When Nebraska played off-man coverage against him, he made plays; but when Nebraska put Dennard in press coverage, Jeffery struggled to cope with the physicality.

A receiver that is that big struggling that mightily with press coverage is very concerning. Right now I think his draft stock is early to mid second round. The combine is huge for him.

That's all for today, have a good one and GO RAMS!