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St. Louis Rams Roundtable: What position should the Rams be worried about the most

The St. Louis Rams have a lot of holes on their team. It makes sense, because being in last place in the NFC West isn't anything to brag about. Lucky, the Rams will have plenty of opportunities to improve on their roster.

We all know that the Rams have a lot of issues, but I decided to ask the other other writers what position did they think should be upgraded the most. The answers below shouldn't be surprising, the only surprise was how many agreed on one answer. Follow the jump for the answers to the questions,

Oh, and one more thing. We will start trying to incorporate you guys more in the roundtable conversations. So if you want your voice heard for the next roundtable, we might be able to make something happen. We will most likely randomly select people the first couple of times, it depends on how smooth the next one goes.

Anyway, follow the jump for the answers to the questions, as always we would like to know how you feel about the topic, so leave comments below.

It's the offensive line. I know that the Rams had the weapons of a 5 year old playing cops and robbers, but the Rams need to protect Sam. If the Rams draft a Left tackle, Rodger Saffold can move to the right tackle spot, and Smith can learn how to play tackle.-T.Ram

I'll say the offensive line. We've had a terrible offensive team & all of them have had horrible o-lines.

-Eddie P

Offensive Oline, they need to upgrade in at least 3 spots to protect Sam as well as improving short yardage/red one running.-Mike D

Wide Receiver. I would think to Rams fans that would be quite obvious. Sam Bradford can't keep throwing to XFL players.- Eric Nagel

Offensive left tackle improvement has to top my list of concerns; followed closely by defensive tackle, outside linebacker and corner back. I really don't see any valid options for a top tier LT in free agency, so that leaves the 2012 NFL draft to possibly commit, once again, another high value pick to the position. Our "draft pick bleeding" has to stop at some point trying to fill this spot. The NFL combine is coming up, and the only bullet in our gun right now for the draft day guessing game version of Russian Roulette is "highest NFL ceiling" for prospects like Matt Kalil, Riley Reiff, and Jonathan Martin. My hope is that, before we pull the trigger on one of these prospects with a high first round pick, Les Snead and Jeff Fisher can glean which is the true NFL caliber player. If they can't, I hope they move on to fill other needs and not waste yet another "future' building" draft pick.-Douglas M

Offensive Line- the pass protection and run blocking was horrendous last season. For this offense to make progress, they need to get the line problem solved. - Brick Top

As I've stated previously, I really think it has to be left tackle. I am a firm believer that you build from the lines out. You have invested your future in Sam Bradford, and he has to be protected. I don't think that there is a more compelling argument out there. It's pretty simple. You protect the guy that costs the most in terms of money and the opportunity cost of what you gave up to get him. I completely get that some people think better receivers will get open better, faster. These d-lineman can get three steps off as fast as receivers. The difference is, the receiver is only five yards down the field, while the lineman are in Bradford's face.-Ramhock

Honestly, it's a tie between offensive and defensive tackle for me. We've got to get the bookend positions solidified for Bradford ASAP, but you can't have any kind of consistent defense with the DTs we played last year. It's relatively impossible to get both a top OT and DT in the same offseason, but in terms of absolute need, those two are well above everything else IMO. - 3k

At first I was going to say WR, however, I don't care if you have Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens and Isaac Bruce in their prime, without protection, it don't matter. Therefore, OT needs to be addressed #1... there are free agent options at WR and quite frankly I think i'd rather have a seasoned vet at WR than a rookie (depending on talent level of course and I think Blackmon is over rated).- VTramsFan