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2012 NFL Draft: Robert Griffin III's Pro Day Changed to March 21st

In an effort to placate teams who have a vested interest in seeing both Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III perform at their respective schools' pro days (read: maybe the Colts, but not really anyone), Baylor has moved their pro day up to from the 22nd to the 21st of March.

While the scheduling conflict wasn't a big deal, the Rams need a big day from RGIII on the 21st to solidify his value as being deserving of trading up to the second pick overall in the 2012 NFL Draft. There's nothing to suggest that won't happen, but the Rams need his workout to cement his status as the second best prospect overall as well as being worth mortgaging a handful of picks for.

The most obvious candidates continue to be the Browns and Redskins, but it's still early in the process. If RGIII hits his combine interviews out and continues to impress during his pro day, it can only help the Rams.

Of course there's more to enjoy at the pro days than just Luck and RGIII, but the most immediate concern is finding a buyer for that second pick.