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2012 NFL Draft: TST Community Round 1, Pick 9

The jshapgee led Panthers selected Michael Brockers out of LSU yesterday. Today, Will not be defeated, fearless leader of the Phins, selected:


Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa

Pick Grade:


"It pains me to deliberately take a potential franchise LT to spend 5 years as a RT with a top 9 pick, but this seems the only value pick to be had. Although Courtney Upshaw would fill a massive need for the Dolphins it is just too early to take him off the board. The same goes for the remaining QB’s in this draft class. With the absence of a trade down, Reiff is the pick and the Dolphins can under use his talent and development as a Hawkeye."

Analysis after the jump.

Reiff and Jake Long together? Is that even allowed? The Dolphins had serious problems running on the right side, which is where Reiff would most likely take over. People project him as more of left tackle, but I think he has enough versatility to play on the right side.

Adding that type of pass protection will certainly help whoever will be quarterbacking the Dolphins as well. Of course, reaching a bit for a player if it is a massive need is something I would do, so I can't exactly give an A for the pick (especially when I know when Courtney Upshaw is getting picked...)

Pick 9 is in the books! If you missed any of the previous picks, or want to see what trades have been made so far, check out the full schedule. If you are GM and would like to see dbcouver's awesome Big Board, go here.