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Rams Will Not Use Franchise Tag To Keep Brandon Lloyd, Per Report

A reunion in the offing?
A reunion in the offing?

The debate about whether or not the St. Louis Rams should use the franchise tag on free agent wide receiver Brandon Lloyd may be over before it ever really started. According to Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network, citing a team source, the Rams will not use the tag on Lloyd.

Lloyd told Pro Football Talk on Monday that he would be open to returning to the Rams in 2012 under the tag. "A pay raise is always welcome," he said, echoing every working stiff in America.

In the same interview, Lloyd said that he expects to start talking contract with the Rams next week.

The Rams have said publicly that they are interested in re-signing Lloyd. If LaCanfora's report is correct, they are not interested enough to spend $9.4 million to have him back this year. Of course, they may change their mind before the March 5 deadline for using the tag.

Les Snead, the new GM, has been on the job less than weeks. He and Fisher cannot be too far along in the task of evaluating the current roster and making decisions about those players, including Brandon Lloyd.

Lloyd reiterated his willingness - some might say desire - to play for Josh McDaniels, currently with the Patriots.

"I've been very successful in Josh's offense," Lloyd said. "I admire that organization and how they run things over there. I'd definitely be interested in hearing how I could possibly fit into that equation."

Losing Lloyd puts the Rams right back at square one, desperately needing help at wide receiver. There will be some big names on the market this year, but guys like Vincent Jackson, Steve Johnson and others are likely to command even more money than a franchised Lloyd.