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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Rams Double Up In Pre-Combine Edition

The latest and greatest 2012 NFL Mock Draft is out at SB Nation. This version is the last one that will not include all the changes happening to draft boards at the Combine this week. As for the St. Louis Rams, this version takes builds on the latest speculation that Cleveland is the most likely trading partner for the second pick. And with two first rounders to give, the pick is Cleveland's if they want it.

What could the Rams do with those two picks? Let's look at the supposition after the jump.

With pick #4 the Rams select Alabama RB Trent Richardson.

At his introductory press conference, Rams new GM Les Snead told a story about the most important personnel move he made as Thomas Dimitroff's chief lieutenant in Atlanta. It was the acquisition of running back Michael Turner, whom he signed with an eye toward drafting and developing quarterback Matt Ryan. Snead also stated a preference for explosive players, and Richardson is the most explosive, complete offensive skill player, beyond the two quarterbacks, in the draft. Plus, Jeff Fisher likes to run, and Richardson will be an understudy to Steven Jackson, who has almost 800 touches in his last two seasons.

Somewhere, 3k just snapped a pencil. Listen, don't rule this one out. Fisher has drafted running backs before, and the Rams could use help behind Steven Jackson, as well as a potential replacement. Richardson is a special talent, not just a one-dimensional running back. The Michael Turner story Les Snead told in his press conference as well as his stated penchant for explosive players lines up well with this pick. That said, they would probably be better served taking Riley Reiff in the fourth spot.

With pick #22 the Rams select Ohio State OT Mike Adams.

The Rams will once again have to rebuild their offensive line, possibly replacing tackle Jason Smith, a pricey draft bust from 2009. Inconsistency plagues Adams' draft stock, and he can assuage his critics and woo his suitors with a strong spring showing. Paul Boudreau, Jeff Fisher's offensive line coach, can iron out whatever inconsistencies have prevented Adams from being considered higher up the draft board.

This could easily be flipped, if they get the two picks from Cleveland, taking a tackle at the top of the round and an offensive skill player here. Don't rule out a defensive lineman once the big board starts taking shape too.

Alright, this should set off a firestorm. Have at it!