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How Would Rams Fans Upgrade The Edward Jones Dome?

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How would fans polish this, er, fix up the Edward Jones Dome?
How would fans polish this, er, fix up the Edward Jones Dome?

The CVC made their pitch for fixing up the Edward Jones Dome on Wednesday. With a $124 million price tag attached to the plan, they delivered it to the St. Louis Rams for their consideration, the first step in what could be a lengthy negotiation over the future of the Dome and the city's professional football team.

Early reviews of the plan are mixed. The CVC certainly got marked down in the attention to details category, using a picture of Marc Bulger and leaving in the sea of empty red seats.

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For fans, I'm wondering what about the CVC proposal represents a significant upgrade. Sorry, an extra beer garden and the "geek lounge" don't qualify as perks for the fan experience.

For the Rams, the biggest boost would appear to be additional suites and more club seats, at the expense of cheaper seats. Obviously, that means more ticket revenue for the team, but enough to justify their 52 percent share of the costs?

It's clear the CVC went through a limited input process, mostly looking at other facilities rather than talking to the people that actually use the place. If product design companies went with that approach, the digital age would still be a few generations away.

So let me ask you this, as fans, the people who actually use the facility, what kind of upgrades would you like to see to the Dome? Give this some thought. Think about every aspect of the experience. For instance, tailgating around the Dome isn't the experience it is at other stadiums. Is that adequately addressed?

Another question to ask, what about these renovations would lure other events, like Super Bowls, Final Fours, and the other sort of premier events the Rams have said they want the facility to hold?

Obviously the biggest improvement will be fielding a winning team. The Rams have certainly indicated their willingness to do that by hiring Jeff Fisher.

After the jump, highlights of the plan and read the CVC proposal in its entirety.

Ok, to spur your thinking, here are the major upgrades included in the CVC proposal:

  • A 96-feet video score board
  • Removal of side panels to allow for more natural light
  • The addition of secondary building across Broadway featuring a beer garden and a tech lounge and connecting to the main Dome structure via walkway
  • Closing Broadway on game days to allow for more tailgating area
  • An additional 1,500 club seats, more suites
That's really it, $124 million worth of mostly underwhelming improvements. Think of it as a starting point, though I wonder what happens when the Rams come back with a bigger plan.

Here's a complete copy of the proposal.

St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission Stadium Renovation Proposal to the Rams