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2012 NFL Draft: Matt Kalil 15 Pounds Bigger

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Matt Kalil has gained 15 pounds on a steady diet of microphones and recorders.
Matt Kalil has gained 15 pounds on a steady diet of microphones and recorders.

Yesterday, in talking about Matt Kalil and my Prospect Playbook piece over at MTD, I noted the lack of bulk in his lower body made it difficult for him to destroy defenders in the run game. I also said in that MTD piece that:

Kalil is honest enough to know what his inadequacies are, and he knows his limitations. That's a sign of an intelligent player.

If Kalil's most recent entry in his diary over at the Sporting News is any indication, I hit that one on the head.

In it, he details his nutritional regimen, and that with the time to really focus on eating right (>5,500 calories a day...) and working out (9-10:50am and 2:30-4pm), he's been able to add 15 pounds. And not Andre Smith pounds. Here's Kalil:

I’ve gained about 15 pounds, but I’ve also lost body fat while gaining weight. It’s a healthy weight gain.

Somebody's getting ready for the combine. And he notes that his former teammate Tyron Smith, selected 9th overall in last year's draft and the first offensive tackle taken last April, went from playing in the 270-lb. range to weighing in at 307 lbs. in the combine.

Kalil's always looked capable of adding some weight. It's a matter of adding the right weight, keeping it in range and doing so without losing his athleticism or foot speed. We'll get a sense of that during the combine, but it's worth keeping in mind moving forward.