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St. Louis Rams Free Agents: Jacob Bell

Will Jacob Bell be back with the Rams in 2012?
Will Jacob Bell be back with the Rams in 2012?

Back in 2008, Jacob Bell was one of the hot commodities at the offensive guard position. The St. Louis Rams bit hard on Bell, signing him to a six-year $36 million contract.

Bell came to the Rams after four years with Jeff Fishers old gig – the Tennessee Titans. He was drafted in the 5th round out of Miami (of Ohio). As a rookie, Bell made an impact right away. He played in 15 games with 14 starts at left guard (his current position).

Fast forward four years, and Bell is now on the verge of being ousted out of Rams Park. What happened?

A look back at Bell after the jump.

With the Rams, Bell became known as more of a pass-blocking guard rather than a mauling, run-blocking lineman. The old regime preferred road-grading guys, a la Harvey Dahl. So essentially, Bell became the odd man out, hence his contract being restructured into a one-year deal before the 2011 season.

But now with his former head coach back in town, can Bell return to form?

With the Titans, Bell was a key member of the offensive line that helped a guy named Chris Brown – not the singer – reach 1,000 rushing yards back in 2004. In 2006, he helped another running back, Travis Henry, rush for 1,110 yards. In his final year with the Titans (2007), the line he was part of paved the way for a total of 2,109 rushing yards – good for 5th in the league.

Maybe with his former staff here in St. Louis, Bell can regain his form. It would be considered as a fresh start.

Yet there are those who say Fisher and his staff in Tennessee let him walk for a reason. Who knows?

Jacob will be 31 once the season starts. I know that still gives him a few years as an offensive lineman, but has he wore out his welcome here? What do y’all think?