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Randy Moss And The Rams? Must We Go There?

I planned just to ignore the matter. Impossible. The NFL media cycle abhors a vacuum, and Randy Moss filled it with his desperate pleas for attention online lately. St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher got dragged into the mix, asked about Moss' comment that he would like to play again in 2012.

Randy Moss? In St. Louis? Really? Let's get to the bottom of this and open it up for a little late night discussion.

Fisher told the Post-Dispatch that he holds Moss in high regard, having coached him for a brief period in 2010. Fisher even called him a "terrific teammate" and said "he did a great job in our locker room."

He also left the door open, however slightly, for facilitating Moss' return to the NFL. Specifically, Fisher replied when asked about the possibility of Moss in a Rams uniform, "At this point it's too early to say."

It is too early to say because Fisher, the GM and staff are just now beginning the process of evaluating the current roster. Moss, for his part, has yet to be seen by coaches in a workout, though he says he can still run a 4.3 ... he sure didn't look like he could during his last season in the league.

Fisher has a reputation, a well deserved one, for being able to work with, um, high maintenance players. In drafts with the Titans, Fisher has been rewarded for his willingness to take chances on players other teams would avoid because of personality concerns and character questions.

But Randy Moss at 35? I'm skeptical. I would like to hear your thoughts though.