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2012 NFL Draft: The Prospect Playbook - Matt Kalil

So I finally got my Prospect Playbook piece on Matt Kalil up over at Mocking the Draft. It's nothing you won't hear from most others who have watched Kalil.

He's got good feet. He's quick and athletic for his size. He's got great arms and his upper body is very powerful when he can extend. On the downside, his lower body isn't nearly powerful enough to anchor the run game, and he's prone to try and compensate for it in different ways (widening his stance, "guessing" his blocks instead of hitting them with confidence.

The question I pose at the end is simple in concept but difficult in context and application:

How do you approach a prospect with a near-elite (or elite in some people's opinions) pass-blocking skill set despite comparative lower body strength which presents an obvious problem in run blocking let alone pocket protection?

Matt Kalil can help a lot of teams in year one, the Rams certainly one of them. And while he's not on the level of the most elite OT prospects, his pass blocking skills may be enough to (in the right system) be a dominating factor sooner rather than later.