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Rams New GM Hints At The Kind Of Players He Likes

Les Snead, the St. Louis Rams new general manager, dropped a hint about what kind of players he values in his introductory press conference. What Snead said will be music to fans' ears after watching the team struggle to score points season after season. It might even give you a clue about which prospects and free agents could be on the Rams' draft board as well as which current players might or might not be sticking around in 2012.

"I do think this is a league where you need to have urgency, you need to have passion and instincts from an intangible standpoint," Snead said. "I think you need to be competitive. I think you need to want to be a part of something bigger, you want to be a teammate."

That sounds fairly obvious, but it is a refreshing change from the old "four pillars" rhetoric. In the previous administration, intangibles like passion and instincts never had the rhetorical weight of the four pillars of faith, character, core values and team first. Sure, you don't need to be post-structuralist to fit passion and instinct into the four pillars, but terms like faith too often meant fealty to the system and scheme as opposed to finding good football players and ways to make them part of a productive team.

But I digress. The past is past. Snead's remarks after that were more telling in terms of the specific skills set he values in players.

"I think in this league though, it's an explosive league, it's a league that has space, so I think you have to find guys in a short area that are very, very explosive in that short area," Snead said.

It sounds so simple that it barely needs to be said, but the Rams' current roster is hardly overflowing with it.

As for which players that might mean the Rams will target in the draft, especially as they look at receivers and running backs, let me open that for discussion.