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Peyton Manning Needs Fifth Surgery Says SI's Don Banks

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March 8. That's the date on which Peyton Manning is due $28 million from the Indianapolis Colts for services, uh, not rendered. At least not any time recently. Which forces a decision for Peyton.

Does he forgo the money and re-sign with the Colts for a much less lucrative deal (which Colts owner Bob Irsay is reportedly open to) or does he hit the open market? The latter is what should concern Rams fans. If Peyton does indeed test free agency or even sign with a team before the draft, the chances to trade that second over pick lessen.

The question is whether or not Peyton Manning will be able to play football in 2012. Judging from today's report from Sports Illustrated's Don Banks, it's not incredibly likely. Not only did that article reveal a previously unreported fourth surgery from last season, but Banks went on to say:

...league sources say Manning's neck has potentially developed bone spurs just above the point where his latest fusion surgery took place in early September, and the Colts organization is under the belief that it is nearly inevitable Manning will at some point require further surgery, and possibly another fusion procedure, even if he does successfully return to the field in 2012. It's unclear how any potential long-term neck issues will impact Manning's decision to attempt a resumption of his NFL playing career later this year.

It's not the most damning article to come out, but it's worth reminding those fan bases eager to bring in Peyton Manning to be their savior that he may not be capable of being himself anymore.

Age has a weird way of making everyone retire at some point.