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2012 Free Agents: Rams Defensive UFA's

When the supreme overlord Ryan Van Bibber blessed me with this article, I was unsure of how I'd grade the Rams 2012 defensive free agents. Are any of them worth keeping? Will they even fit Greggggg Williams defense? I mean, this is a team that has UFA's ranging from Bryan Kehl to Justin King! Wait a minute...this might be a bit easier than expected.

Hit the jump to see the list of defensive free agents and whether or not the Rams should keep them around.

DT Gary Gibson

I'm torn on Gibson. He isn't flashy. He isn't incredibly productive. He's just there. But the Rams are so devoid of any play making ability at defensive tackle that it makes it tough to get rid of someone who is, by all purposes, an average player. In the end, I see Gibson getting a one-year offer from the Rams, mostly to see how he fares in training camp; he's definitely on the outside looking in.

Outlook: Training Camp Fodder

LB Chris Chamberlain

Chamberlain is easily my favorite out of all the defensive UFA's. He played well as a starter towards the end of the year, and is, as always, a solid special teams contributor. Like the depth at defensive tackle, the Rams are woefully short, so I expect they make an offer to him. I would not be surprised however, if someone like the Saints (Hey Steve!) come a'knockin.

Outlook: Re-signed

LB Bryan Kehl

Kehl is a textbook Spagnuolo guy. He has never really been in the spotlight, so the new regime won't have much to go on. I highly doubt he'll be on the team, likely replaced by one of Fisher's own projects.

Outlook: Gone

LB Brady Poppinga

Poppinga was the only one of the linebackers three to come in as free agents last year and actually do something. Ben Leber and Zac Diles were complete busts, but Poppinga was delightfully average. I think the Rams will add some fresh faces this offseason, but I think Poppinga will at least be given a chance for a roster spot. He'll come cheap, and with cap space at a premium...well, you get my drift.

Outlook: Training Camp Fodder

CB Al Harris

Al Harris is looking at recovering from a bad injury and playing for one of the worst teams in the league last year. If that isn't cause to retire, I don't know what is. I don't think he will be playing in 2012.

Outlook: Gone

CB Rod Hood

Hood came in when the injuries started to pile up. If the Rams are to pursue Cortland Finnegan, Hood might be one of those fringe guys the team brings in to compete for one of those final CB spots. He's a veteran, so he might help develop younger players and has dealt with injuries, so he might know ways for Bradley Fletcher and Jerome Murphy to recover quicker (okay, I'm really reaching there). Last but not least, the Titans picked him up in 2009, so Fisher has some experience with him.

Outlook: Training Camp Fodder

CB Justin King

Sigh. I promised TST brass that I'd do a post on all the defensive free agents. Justin King is one of them. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He got a little better as time went on. A little. That's like saying Alex Barron didn't hold all the time. It's false logic, and I'll have none of it here.

Outlook: You've got to be kidding me.