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2012 NFL Draft: TST Community Round 1, Pick 4

We witnessed a huge shocker yesterday when Broncos GM Douglas M leapfrogged half the league and picked Justin Blackmon with the third overall pick. With that said, ocruz1, GM of the Browns, has made his pick:


Matt Kalil, OT, USC

Pick Grade:


With the crazy trades in front and the HUGE reach on Blackmon, with this pick the Browns are forced to make a decision between easily the best player available in Kalil or reach a bit for a greater need (Claiborne, Richardson).

In the end I have us going with Kalil, who can start immediately over the ineffective Tony Pashos at Right Tackle, pairing him with Joe Thomas and giving the Browns two of the youngest and most talented tackles in the league. With Eric Steinbach coming back off a back injury with his Pro-Bowl LG ability along with a emerging young center in Alex Mack, Cleveland now has a legit line for Colt McCoy to thrive. The Steelers offered a really beefy trade here that was difficult to turn down, but Kalil is far too talented and with too much upside to trade within the division. This pick automatically upgrades a line that has to face the likes of James Harrison and Terrell Suggs twice a year and gives Colt McCoy (if not a free agent acquisiton like Matt Flynn) protection to find his new weapons that can be addressed later in the draft.

If you want Kalil, blow me away with an offer.

Analysis after the jump

This is a tough pick to make. I think Cleveland is going to try and make a play for Robert Griffin, hell or high water. With him gone, it complicates things quite a bit.

The problem I have with this pick is Joe Thomas. Where do you put him? Where do you put Kalil (who is seen as more of an LT)? Ocruz1 is right; Matt Kalil has arguably the most value here. But the Browns are in a unique position because they have another pick in the first round. They could use that pick to trade up, down, and it becomes a very good value when players start to fall at the end of the first round. Most importantly, the Cleveland Browns have the opportunity to reach a bit because they have another pick.

I will say that it is an interesting pick, and you can't fault ocruz1 for going for the BPA at this point. However, I think that need outweighs talent at this point, even more so given the Browns have another pick in the first. The Browns now have a very young, very talented group of OT's. Hopefully Colt McCoy is up to the task of leading the offense.

There you have it folks! The fourth pick is done! If you missed any of the previous picks, or want to see what trades have been made so far, check out the full schedule.

Also, two quick things. 1) If you are still trying to trade and can't get a hold of who you want to trade with, email me. I can help you get in touch with them. 2) Who is up for making (and editing) a BPA chart? It would be linked in every Community Mock post in the future.