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2012 NFL Draft: TST Community Round 1, Pick 3

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The Brick Top led Redskins picked Robert Griffin yesterday and now it is the Broncos turn after swinging a colossal deal with the Vikings. There was some talk of the Broncos trying move down, but so far nothing has materialized. In light of that fact, the Broncos picked:


Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma St.

Pick Grade:


"While Tebow showed little in the way of a passing game in 2011, I have zero doubt that he will have to expand his game in 2012. New England's Bill Belichick showed Tebow can be "game planned" into being a non-entity. He'll need weapons to take that next step, and Justin Blackmon offers a unique skill set that could fit well into revised Broncos offense. His ability to catch passes in the 8 to 12 yard range, as well as YAC talent, will complicate opponents short coverage schemes.Blackmon will be a serious red zone threat too, something that the team currently doesn't have in their WR corp."

I'm also open to any team wanting to trade for Blackmon if the price is right.

I am stunned at this pick. Not only did the Broncos trade the farm to move up, they also picked someone that many don't believe should be in the top five.

Of course, the only way to evolve the Chosen One is to improve the weapons around him. Like it or not, they will eventually have to pass the ball, and adding a physical receiver like Blackmon could help this offense tremendously. I think towards the draft Blackmon's stock will rise, so to me it isn't a problem that he is picked this high.

Still, this pick represents and all-in move by the Broncos; since they gave up so much, Tim Tebow will be there to stay- like it or not. If the Broncos were this high originally, I'd love the pick. But I'm not sure Blackmon is worth betting the farm on.

Doug sure knows how to get things going! If you missed the action, or want to see what trades have been made so far, check out the full schedule.