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Random Ramsdom, 2/13: More Or Les Snead

High praise for the St. Louis Rams' new GM as the team gets ready for a busy offseason.
High praise for the St. Louis Rams' new GM as the team gets ready for a busy offseason.

The St. Louis Rams have a new GM and a new head coach, and they can begin the offseason process of evaluating the roster, making decisions about free agents and getting ready for the 2012 NFL Draft.

Here's a look at the day's headlines and links for your consumption.

Peter King praises the hiring of Les Snead - Peter King applauds the decision to hire Les Snead for the Rams' GM post. King notes his work ethic and focus as a personnel man, as a perfect fit to work with Jeff Fisher.

Jacob Bell has an interest in staying in St. Louis - Jeff Fisher's presence in St. Louis should help remove some of the stigma associated with playing for the Rams. That could be of help when free agency starts. One free agent, guard Jacob Bell, has an interest in staying with the Rams, reuniting with his old coach. Will his old coach feel the same way after watching some film?

2012 NFL Free Agency: Top Free Agents Will Affect the Draft - Mocking The Draft - Free agency is a spring event this year, once again preceding the NFL Draft after the lockout reordered things for a year. That means free agent moves will have big consequences in the draft.

Draft 2012: The Underrated - A long list of players are not getting their due in early NFL Draft talk. Rotoworld's Josh Norris take a look at some of those names.

Draft 2012: The Overrated - Surprise! Some prospects are way overrated ahead of the 2012 NFL Draft. Here's a list of those prospects. At the top of the list, Justin Blackmon, a player many would like to see the Rams draft with the second pick in April.

Vote Tevin! - St. Louis Rams fans, it's a call to action. One of our own needs your help. Let's get Tevin voted into the finals of this sports social media star contest, which would be like grad school for his future work at TST.