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2012 NFL Draft: TST Community Round 1, Pick 2

Yesterday we saw mgaines4, GM of the Colts, select Andrew Luck. The second pick was traded to the Redskins (a deal swung by Charlie Pankey, the Rams GM, and our own Brick Top who is representing the Redskins) and it's now two-for-two on quarterbacks.


Robert Griffin, QB, Baylor

Pick Grade:


"I'm picking RG3. Why? [the Redskins] need a QB badly."

Brick Top kept it short and sweet with his reasoning for drafting Robert Griffin. It's pretty obvious that the Redskins need a QB. It's also obvious that Shanahan would like to keep his job, something that would be very tough to do if they stuck with Rex Grossman.

The Redskins gave up a lot to move up here (which is why I graded the pick is an A rather than a A+), but Griffin is an amazing prospect. He has a great arm, has great accuracy and lest you forget, he can run the hell out of the ball. However, I think the biggest two things you need to look at are his progression throughout the years he has played, along with his intelligence. Those attributes are what separate him from other prospects and that is the reason why the Redskins moved up.

What do you think about the pick? Sound off in the comments, you know the drill! (Check out the schedule, as you might be surprised who is picking next...)