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Calling All St. Louis Rams Fans: One Of Our Own Needs Your Help

Those of you who have been around these parts for a long time know Tevin T. Broner pretty well. Maybe you only know him as T.Ram, a front page author here at TST. Maybe you know him as the mayor of North Little Rock, the Arkansas Flash, the South's leading ladies man, and all around man, myth, legend.

Tevin is a St. Louis Rams fan extraordinaire, a lover of fine cuisine, like boiled custard, Subway and some sort of burrito place. Soon you will know Tevin as a multimedia star.

Tevin is in contention for the Xfinity social media sports person thingy. In short, if he wins this contest, he'll be reporting for Xfinity. Go vote for Tevin ... now.

When I woke up this morning, I had one thing on my mind: where's my goddamn coffee! Black gold in hand and clear headed, I found a new singular focus: get Tevin this gig. TST gets a ton of traffic these days. Let's leverage those visitors to get Tevin into the finalists for this contest.