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St. Louis Rams Free Agent Options: Michael Bush

Finally it's the off-season. This has been my favorite time of the year since 2004. Everyone has the same record and a chance to create a good team. With free agency coming up, the Rams can add some key players to their 2-14 team.

What better place to improve a team than addressing the running back position? You can get a good quality backup running back, possibly even a starter at bargain prices. Jeff Fisher's team is going to run the ball this year. Sam Bradford will be transitioning into yet another new offense in 2012. Try as they might, the Rams won't be able to completely upgrade their offense at every position of need in a single off season.

Adding Michael Bush to the Rams roster may be a great move in that direction...

Bush he has been sharing the spotlight with Darren McFadden for four years in Oakland, getting few headlines along the way. If the Rams decide to add Bush, they will be adding a player who is used to being a backup. Yet Bush has the talent to step in and start when need be. Steven Jackson isn't a spring chicken anymore. Even though he will hate having to share the ball, it will be for the better of the team.

In 2010, Bush and McFadden both had productive numbers. McFadden rushed for 1,000 plus yards on 223 carries and Bush ran for 655 yards on 158 carries. In 2012, Bush ran for 977 yards and replaced Darren McFadden after his injury in week 7.

If the Raiders don't retain Bush, the Rams should pursue him. Bush will be the perfect backup to Steven Jackson and he will help the Rams become a more effective rushing team.

Greg Papa & Lorenzo Neal on Michael Bush (via RaiderClipz)