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2012 NFL Draft: TST Community Round 1, Pick 1

And so it begins! Tasked with bringing the Colts back into relevancy, mgaines4 decided to go with the common thread and select...


Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford

Pick Grade:


"Peyton Manning or no Peyton Manning this is the pick. I think Andrew Luck can make an immediate impact in the NFL; he has the brains and the skill set to get it done. As we have seen from Harbaugh this past season he learned from a great coach. If Peyton ends up staying then I think it is even better for this kid- he gets to learn from the best in the league. As we have seen with Aaron Rodgers maybe it is not so bad to sit a couple of years and then take over as the starter."

It isn't a big assumption to think that the Colts will select Luck with the first pick. I'm sure as the draft approaches, you'll hear whispers of Robert Griffin III being rated higher than Andrew Luck. But this is hogwash. RG3 is a great QB, but Luck is by far the safest pick in the draft. It's really a complete no-brainer for the Colts at this point, and mgaines4 nailed it.

Brick Top, GM of the Redskins (who traded with the Rams earlier today), is currently on the clock and the second overall pick will be posted tomorrow (note to all you GM's, just email me your pick and a description). Be sure to check out TST everyday to see all the picks! You can also go here if you'd like to review any of them, or if you missed one.

What do you think about the pick? Sound off in the comments and rec' the ones you think are the best; I'll put them on the post as our very own expert analysis!

Here is what TST thought of the pick:

If I were in the Colts shoes I would look long and hard at RG3....

I think he has more upside than Luck and if I had a choice I would take RG3 over Luck. Just my personal opinion though. Either way they have possibly the most valuable draft pick in the last 15+ years, hope they dont screw it up!


no way do you take RG over Luck, that's just stupid IMO

Like the debate of AJ Green vs Julio last year, you have a solid player and one that just comes out and shows his skill set, even though he wasn’t talked about much. You have to take the solid player, RG is a huge risk, probably end up like Vince Young