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George Patton will remain with Vikings, will Les Snead be the Rams GM?

According to ESPN, George Patton has decided to stay with the Vikings rather than take the Rams GM position.

He along with Atlanta's Les Snead were the two finalist for the Rams, but according to the Post Dispatch, Patton was the favorite.

There has been questions around the league about how much power the Rams' GM will have? Will it simply be a figurehead role? Those concerns might have prompted Paton to remain with the Vikings taking the new position of assistant GM.

Now the question is, since Snead and Paton were the two finalist, will the Rams simply hire Snead now? Les Snead has worked with the Falcons in rebuilding a team in a quick time period. His experience with them could greatly help the Rams turnaround.

This question may have just been answered, as I finished writing this post. Jim Thomas said on Twitter that the Rams are in contract talks to make Les Snead the GM.

It looks like we may finally have our general manager, Les Snead. I'm pretty excited because he was on my list of candidates I made in December!