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St. Louis Rams Free Agent Options: DeSean Jackson

The wide receiver position is something the Rams must address this off-season. The Rams need play-makers for Sam Bradford and this offense to be successful. Besides Brandon Lloyd, who is also a free agent, the wide receivers all struggled to gain separation and dropped passes were prevalent with this group. There is no wide receiver on the Rams that scares any opposing team.

Luckily for the Rams, there is a playmaker whose explosiveness would put a bit of fear in opponent's defensive coordinators: DeSean Jackson.

Before last season, I would have said your were crazy if you thought DeSean would hit the open market in 2012. Things change. Due to his down year last season and his emotional immaturity, the Eagles may not want to use the franchise tag on him.

He had a major case of the "dropsies" in 2011, and ended up in the doghouse with those ruthless Philly fans. He has received so much negative criticism that I think people are starting to overlook what a talent he is, and what he could mean to the Eagles.

DeSean Jackson may be the most explosive player in the NFL. He has averaged 17.8 yards per catch in his NFL career. D.Jackson is the best deep threat in football. He is also one of the best punt returners in football; an area where the Rams can use help desperately.

Jackson does display major maturity issues at times and he can be a headache for a team. It's a good thing for the Rams that new head coach Jeff Fisher is known for his ability to handle this type of player.

The Eagles will be looking to retain their best offensive weapon and they could still very well franchise him. If he does hit the open market, there is no doubt in my mind that the Rams should be players in acquiring the services of DeSean Jackson. He is one of the best explosive play-makers in NFL history and he is only 25 years old. He could be a instrumental part in helping the Rams' anemic offense.

One problem for the Rams is their limited cap room. If he hits the open market, a player of his skill set will command a hefty contract.