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Random Ramsdom 2/10: Rams close to hiring a GM?


Good morning!! Let's just skip the usual BS and get right to the links today. Also, sorry for the lack of links lately. The post Super Bowl and Pre Combine is a huge dead period for NFL news.

Rams down to 2 or 3 candidates for GM

According to Steve Wyche of, the Rams have narrowed down their GM candidates to 2 or 3 finalist. Ryan had a recap of the possible finalist last night. It's safe to assume that the Rams will have a new GM in place very, very soon.

Chargers will try to resign Vincent Jackson

Jackson, who has been rumored to be of interested to the Rams, may not hit the free agent market after all. Michael Lombardi also says that VJax's preference is to stay in San Diego. He also said that the Chargers are unlikely to franchise him. He'll still likely hit the open market, but the Chargers will be just one of the many players for him.

Could Jerome Murphy have a big impact in 2012?

Now I know the Bleacher Report is usually shit, but Shane Gray is a very good quality writer covering the Rams. He actually takes the time to use correct spelling of all things and he also puts actual thought into his articles! Anyways, enough ripping on BR, read his excelling post about Murphy.

That's all for today!! Have a good one and GO RAMS!!