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Rams Issue Statement Regarding CVC Proposal For Dome Upgrade

The St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission presented their $124 million plan for upgrades to the Edward Jones Dome to the St. Louis Rams on Wednesday. The proposal represents the first stage in a what figures to be a lengthy, complex negotiation over the Rams' lease on the Dome and their future in the city. Hours after presenting the plan, the Rams responded with a brief statement.

From the team's COO Kevin Demoff, via press release:

We are in receipt of the CVC proposal. The lease provides certain terms, a timeline and a process for this matter. We are reviewing the proposal and look forward to responding accordingly.

That's it. Like the rest of the city, the Rams are seeing the CVC's plans for the first time. Their opinion of the plan will determine their response. The Rams have until March 1 to accept or reject the offer, and a counter proposal is due by May 1. From there, if neither side agrees to the other's offer (hint: they probably won't), they can take it to arbitration, non-binding arbitration, to reconcile the two plans.

How far apart each vision is from the other remains to be seen.