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CVC Proposal For Edward Jones Dome Reportedly Costs $124 Million, Includes More Suites, Giant Video Screen

On Wednesday, the St. Louis Convention and Visitor Commission delivered a proposal to the St. Louis Rams for upgrades to the Edward Jones Dome. The plan is the first step in a process to bring the facility in line with the "top tier" requirements that would trigger an out clause for the Rams following the 2014 season. Though the plan is supposed to be under wraps, some details have emerged.

Multiple outlets reported on Wednesday afternoon that the proposal from the CVC includes additional suites, a video board rivaling the behemoth at Texas Stadium and a price tag believed to be $124 million.

There was a media briefing on Wednesday afternoon. Few details on the situation have emerged thus far. That price tag, if accurate, is well below what many believe the necessary renovations will cost. Some estimates more than triple that number, but with details about the "top tier" requirements so vague, it's impossible to guess at a price tag.

The information above does line up with Mayor Slay's statement that the top tier requirements hinge on a "dozen or so" features in the Dome.

UPDATE: The CVC has briefed the media on their proposal. The St. Louis Business Journal has details. Besides the upgrades mentioned above, it would also come with upgraded concessions, an additional 1,500 club seats and club lounge area.

Other details include removing steel panels to let in more natural light. A lounge addition across Broadway Street would include a beer garden as well as an area with terminals and web access, described as a "geek suite" by an obviously non-hip group of civic leaders.

As far as the costs, the Rams would be on the hook for 52 percent, the city for the rest.

The Rams have the ball now. Will they consider this proposal a reasonable start? The team has been pretty clear that they want a facility capable of hosting big events, like a Super Bowl, all year.