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Vote for the Rams Team MVP for 2011

Good afternoon. Starting now, I will work on a team award post for the last season. Originally, I thought of just do them myself, and give my own opinions. Instead, I've decided to ask YOU, who the 2011 St. Louis Rams MVP should be..

Here at TST, we have a great, knowledgeable group of fans and to get a better team MVP award I thought it would be better to have the community vote just like voting is done for the NFL MVP. This will make it's not just my team MVP, but Turf Show Time's team MVP.

The system I will use is this: I will nominate 3 candidates for voting in three different award categories over the next few days.. If you would like to send in a ballot, email it to 1st place votes will count for 1 point, 2nd for 2 and 3rd for 3 making the lowest score the winner.

The players I've chosen to nominate for the first catagory - Teams MVP - are: Chris Long, James Laurinaitis and Steven Jackson. Again send in your ballots to and thanks for voting.

If you have any suggestions for other team awards, put them in the comments or send an email. Right now, I'm planning on doing team MVP, team LVP (Least Valuable Player) and most improved player. Help me out with suggestions for other categories!