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Help A Brother Out: The JoeSportsFan Show

With all the L.A. talk lately, you may have forgotten that TST is a bona fide red headed step child of the St. Louis sports media. Now we want to help out a pal, and get you involved in the process.

Our dear friends over at Joe Sports Fan made a big announcement today. At least, I think it was today, who really pays attention to dates anymore. Anyway, they're getting ready to roll out a brand new podcast dubbed, appropriately enough, the JoeSportsFan Show. Here's a little bit more about what they're doing:

The commercial breaks, the contrived controversy, the static and a loaded cornucopia of those "first-time-caller-long-time-listeners". Yep, if you're anything like us, you've probably grown tired of traditional sports radio in St. Louis. Yet, despite being one of the finest sports cities in America, St. Louis lacks a "fan voice".

With your help, we're expanding our fan-centric empire into a weekly podcast known as The JoeSportsFan Show. Think of it as a weekly radio show that you can take anywhere you can access the internet. The car, the office, on a jog, in the bathroom. We're cool with all four, but especially the latter. Bathroom consumption is hallowed territory.

Yada, yada, yada. As you know, we're all about the fans here, so we're happy to help out our fellow sports media people in trying to build another outlet for the voice of the fan.

Head over to Joe Sports Fan to find out where you can catch this wonderful new product and how you can help out their efforts. Plus, we think they'll squeeze us into the mix so we can talk about the Ram Rules from time to time.

I've been promised lots of Tony Softli by the JSF guys in their podcast. They damn well better.