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Jeff Fisher Considering Bart Andrus For Rams QB Coach

TST has learned that Bart Andrus is being considered for the St. Louis Rams quarterbacks coaching job.
TST has learned that Bart Andrus is being considered for the St. Louis Rams quarterbacks coaching job.

The St. Louis Rams have their new head coach. They have their two coordinators and a bevvy of assistants and position coaches, with a few spots left to fill. Of all the job openings left on the Rams' staff, the quarterbacks coach is the position that will draw the most scrutiny. TST has learned that another name is in the mix for the Rams' quarterbacks coaching job, Bart Andrus, a former Fisher assistant from his days in Tennessee.

Andrus has had an interesting career, having spent more time coaching in Europe than the NFL. However, his work with as the Titans quarterbacks coach from 1997-1999 stands out because it coincides with the emergence of Steve McNair. Rams fans will recall that it was the 1999 Titans that the Rams beat to win the Super Bowl that season.

Those three seasons were McNair's first three seasons as a full-time starter, after being picked in the first round of the 1995 NFL Draft. You can see McNair's stats for 1997-2000 in the table below.

Fisher brought Andrus back to Tennessee in 2008-2009. The team had drafted Vince Young, at the behest of owner Bud Adams, in 2006, and he started the majority of games in his first two seasons. Young was injured in the 2008 season, thrusting Kerry Collins into the role where he played well and set up the quarterback controversy the next season. Young finally returned to the fold after a six-game skid that ended with a 59-0 thrashing by the Patriots. Young took over

Craig Johnson has been the Titans' quarterbacks coach since 2002, replaced by Dowell Loggains in 2010, as Johnson moved up to assistant head coach.

Based on his experience, Andrus would seem to be a good choice to work with Sam Bradford. Fisher and the team are banking heavily on the belief that Bradford has the tools to be a franchise cornerstone. Most of the hires among assists thus far have been experienced pros who look like the right fit to jump start the Rams. Is Andrus the right man for the quarterbacks role? We may know soon enough.

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