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Rams trail Bills at halftime, 0-6

Two defensively strong teams are playing the kind of game you'd expect from two defensively strong teams. So be it.

Tom Szczerbowski

When the Rams haven't had the ball, this has been a very enjoyable game. When they have, it's been eyeknives.

St. Louis' offensive line was horrendous for the majority of the first half, especially in the first quarter. Their WRs did them few favors, whether it was not giving Sam Bradford a window to throw to or Givens' bobbled incompletion on 3rd down...

But credit Buffalo's defense. Their defensive line controlled most of the game, and their coverage strategy of pressing the Rams' wide receivers has paid off, with Sam being offered very, very few options.

Questions, then, going into the second half as a touchdown would put the Rams on top:

- Is Brian Quick ever going to get more looks? There's no argument to be made for continuing to put Steve Smith in when he can't be successful on what should be his forte - short slants.

- Can the defense come up with yet another savior play? There's no rule suggesting only Janoris Jenkins can get in the end zone...

- Will the offensive line find another groove like they did on the Rams' final drive of the half? For the first time all game, they gave some smaller lanes (which are better than non-existent ones) for Steven Jackson, and gave enough time to Sam to operate a truncated offense. It's not fireworks and highlights, but it could be enough.