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Rams vs. Bills: Sunday affirmations

As the senile old man in the White House used to say, it's morning in Rams fandom.


Good morning St. Louis Rams fans. It's a good day for a game, and I've got a particularly good feeling about this one. Yep, six years of having any sort of fan optimism beaten into submission, it finally feels like a new morning.

I'll tell you though, just thinking about a December game in Buffalo makes me cold. Then again, 39 degrees and a cold rain isn't all that bad for Buffalo this time of year. Hooray for global warming!

Anyway, that sounds like an affirmation to me, so I'll go ahead and jump right into what may or may not be a new regular Sunday morning feature here at TST: game-day affirmations. Yep, I take some positive crap and list it all in bullet point form in an exercise of blatant homerism. Let's begin:

  • Injury prone? Hell, if you even tried to approximate 60 percent of the effort Danny Amendola gives your heart would implode. He's a game-time decision for the Rams today.
  • The Bills have Stevie Johnson in the passing game, and that's about it. The secondary can totally shutdown that part of the Bills offense, letting the front seven concentrate on stopping C.J. Spiller.
  • In case the record had you confused, and it shouldn't, the Rams are getting better. Keep a close eye on how the team plays down the stretch. If they can put together a streak, tighten things up, it bodes well for the team's fortunes next season, since much of the roster will return.

Alright, what are you feeling positive about today? While you're at it, give us your picks and predictions for this week's game.

Go Rams!