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Comparing Chris Givens and Mike Wallace

Early this week, Greg Cosell compared wide receiver Chris Givens to Pittsburgh's Mike Wallace. This Turf Show Times reporter has been on this particular soapbox since early in the year. In this weeks video I wanted show exactly why these two receivers are so similar, and what a threat like Wallace or Givens could mean for the Rams future.

St. Louis Rams rookie Chris Givens is a high school running back turned wide receiver. Earlier this year Givens claimed that he still felt like a running back playing the wide receiver position. When watching Mike Wallace play, you begin to notice those same attributes. Both players attack their routes with the tenacity that a running back attacks the line of scrimmage. It's also important to note that in the open field, both receivers posses the ability to run around a defense with a fervor that would make Marcus Allen proud.

Newsflash, both players have overwhelming speed. It is primarily this element of their game that draws the comparisons, but there are a lot of fast guys in the NFL. What sets these two apart is their ability to set up the safety and get open down the field. This ability to get open in the downfield passing game is coupled with strong hands and an above-average ability to make plays after the catch. In fact, both have similar playmaking ability in the open field as well. This kind of productivity from a wide receiver is not common in the NFL. It is hard to find. The Rams can expect a whole new dimension to their offense as they develop and nurture Chris Givens.

Check out the video and see exactly which elements they share, and why this is great news for the St. Louis Rams.