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Working the deep ball with Sam Bradford

The Rams quarterback is beating opponents down the field this season.

Remember back in 2010 how frustrating it was to watch Pat Shurmur keep Sam Bradford limited to short passing game? I believe it was Football Outsiders that compared it to buying a Lamborghini and driving it around the parking lot in circles. St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has taken the training wheels off, so to speak, allowing Bradford to wing it down field on more occasions than the past. It's paying dividends.

Mike Sando has a run down of Bradford's numbers on passes for 35-yards or more. He's 6-for-16 this season, after being 5-for-20 in the two years before. He also lines those numbers up next to Buffalo's pass defense, which has allowed just one completion in nine attempts on the deep ball.

Two things. First, it's a sign that Bradford's gotten better, no question. It's also saying something about the players around him. Bradford is getting better protection this season than he ever has in his time with the Rams. He also has a legitimate deep threat in Chris Givens, something that the Rams did not have in the last two years.

Be sure to read Sando's blog post.