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Jeff Fisher is mic'd up and it is awesome

The NFL Network put a microphone on St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher last week. It pretty much says all you need to know about why the coach is awesome.


Clad in a polo shirt two sizes too big, Jeff Fisher has become an assuring presence on the sideline for the St. Louis Rams. Take your eyes off the field, if you can, for a moment this week and watch Fisher.

He is by no means stoic or even reserved. Fisher jumps. He claps, hoots and hollers when the moment calls for celebration. When the events call for the opposite reaction, Fisher rarely loses his cool. There are no clipboards kicked or facemasks grabbed. Fisher takes the information, processes it and uses it to advantage when the time is right.

The NFL Network mic'd up Fisher last week for its "Sound FX' segment. Using the shortened version of "effects" is a universal signifier for totally awesome, and this one does not disappoint.

Fisher and Chuck Cecil motivating Janoris Jenkins to "man up and make a play" is pretty good, as is the safety dance Fisher does along the sideline. For me, however, the coach steals the scene with a sarcastic round of questioning for the refs over pass interference. It's a classic moment of smart guy being a smart ass, and it might be why I appreciate Fisher so much.

I'm off the GIF lab.