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Random Ramsdom, 12/5: Rust never sleeps

The Rams are in Buffalo this week. Fun!

Rick Stewart

Buffalo is a cold place. It used to be one of America's greatest cities, from its days as a bustling stop on the Erie Canal to a beacon of endless industrial promise. Things changed. Buffalo still has a football team though, and they host the St. Louis Rams this week in what should be a wintery mix of running, passing and head-scratching defensive play.

Is there nothing we can believe in? Speaking of industries in the toilet, the Post-Dispatch asked a handful of its writers, including Joe Strauss from the baseball beat because why not, about the Rams' playoff chances. They don't think much of it.

A nod to the role players Rams defensive end William Hayes gets a little time in spotlight today, with a nod to his big game filling in for Robert Quinn last week.

Playoffs? Playoffs? Will at Rams Herd takes a pragmatic look at all this playoff talk.

Rams over Bills? You better believe it. Hot off the press, this week's picks at SB Nation have the Rams winning a second road game this season.

Fumble-itis The Bills have lost 11 fumbles this season, the seventh most in the NFL. What a great week for the Rams to get a third, yep, third fumble recovery this season.

Bradford getting better Bernie Miklasz takes a look at Bradford's season to date, and finds signs of progress. One of the keys for Bradford is patience in finding his man. Some of that has been the protection, but it's was noticeably better this week.

Dress like Tony Softli!Face it, if you passed seventh-grade English, you'll never be Tony Softli, but you can at least look like him with the online gear shop from 101 ESPN in St. Louis.